About Us: The Caffè Sardo Story

“Coffee is no longer a novelty. It’s available everywhere and at every price point. While this should be a good thing, it’s had repercussions, and the depth and richness of flavour once associated with artisan blends has slowly disappeared. Caffè Sardo is more than just coffee; it’s a symbol of excellence. Our family business has become known for quality and authenticity over the last forty years. Our aim is to make Caffè Sardo’s handcrafted, traditional, artisan coffee the definitive choice. After a long time in the making, we’re thrilled to finally present our Nigheddu blend.”
Steven Masala (Director)



Family is at the heart of Caffè Sardo and we have been in the Italian fine food trade for nearly half a century! Originating from a remote village in Sardinia, Italy, called Fluminimaggiore, our family began expertly crafting fine products on the steep hillsides in the south-west of the island.

Coffee is a cultural asset that is deeply rooted in the Italian way of life and we are passionate about producing high-quality products that people love. Carefully handcrafting our coffee using traditional artisan techniques, we pride ourselves on sharing the Sardinian love for fine coffee and good living with our customers, ensuring we focus on quality over quantity at all times.








Famiglia Masala