Nigheddu - The Finest Blend. 100% Arabica
Nigheddu - The Finest Blend. 100% Arabica

Nigheddu - The Finest Blend. 100% Arabica

Caffè Sardo

  • 100% Arabica
  • Premium quality beans
  • Carefully sourced from Brazil, India, Costa Rica and Salvador
  • Slow roasting techniques
  • Lasting, solid crema
  • Full bodied, balanced flavour
  • Intensely aromatic
  • Low in acidity
  • ca. 125 servings*
  • 1kg / 2.2lbs / 35.2oz

Caffè Sardo have sourced the finest Arabica coffee beans from Brazil, India, Costa Rica and Salvador to create the rich and flavoursome Nigheddu – The Finest Blend. Using traditional Italian artisan techniques, we use smaller ovens to ensure the beans are evenly roasted to deliver a full-bodied coffee that will take you on a unique taste experience.

Living up to the Sardinian proverb stating that coffee should be ‘as black as night, as hot as love and as sweet or bitter as life itself’, Nigheddu will certainly not disappoint.

Locking in the freshness of the roasting oven, when you open our packaging you will be welcomed with a heavenly aroma that will take you on a journey to the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea and beyond.

As black as its Sardinian name implies, Nigheddu is the perfect coffee for the connoisseur, the gourmand, and anyone who wants a perfectly balanced coffee that is packed full of flavour with a punchy caffeine kick.

A morning espresso is so much more than a beverage – it’s an integral part of the Sardinian way of life and has been an important tradition for many years. Nigheddu will take you on a taste experience to the land of rugged mountains, remote villages and olive groves, allowing you to discover an exclusive and authentic taste of Sardinia.

* 1 serving = 8g
Roasted and packaed in Italy


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